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Letter to the editor

After reading interview of dudes and damsels about premarital sex (city post, June 25), I tried to sub- due my modest emotions exploring the answer, whether, is it ok to have premarital sex as an influence of western culture? Or is it sin just because it is against our social rites and our society is not accustomed with it.
I completely agree with the saying “fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions.” Brangelina, Biapasa Bashu, Britney Spears, Tom Cruise are the icon of today’s young generation. Premarital pregnancy of Britney’s sister, affair of John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston are the topics of what our generation talk about. The influence of on and off screen lifestyle of the so called roll models and preoccupied western mindset has misleaded us, in effect we, the generation x, without proper judgment, advocating such fallacies so as to tag oneself a fashionable elite.
I, contemporary of this x generation personally believe post marital sex and won’t say having premarital sex is sin either. No doubt, we should talk about sex openly without hesitation—be it with parents, offspring or colleagues. But, to be open about it doesn’t mean to have unsafe premarital sex. Just having sex using contraceptive is not a safe sex; one should ponder about what its consequences would be regarding social norms, biological immaturity, and human health.
It would be injustice to take, having premarital sex as infraction of social norms set by our predecessor. But on the other hand we are the integral part of our society and society has nourished us fulfilling all our needs. It is just a barbarism to act like our values are no damn good. Asceticism is not easy so in anyway we have to bind with society throughout the life span. Now I think everybody ought to ponder about how our society will react over such practice.
During puberty stage, obviously there will be certain curiosity about sex, attraction towards opposite sex. If such inquisitiveness won’t counseled properly, it would lead to wrong practice of premature sex. Most of the youngster thinks, to have sex is just to have fun. Whether premarital sex is wrong or right, we can have endless argument on it but undeniably having a premarital sex is just for fun. We ought to know sex is not just for fun; it’s a biological need to continue the human race and shouldn’t underestimate the fact that lots of obligations are associated with it.
Whatsoever other say, for me its all about matter of choice. For countries like ours, it is ok until and unless you unfold the privacy. Once revealed, doesn’t matter how modern and open mind you are, it will certainly have negative impact on family, on your career. Who is to be cursed? Be it society or ones so called practice of acclimatization of western culture.
What I think is in the course of trying to make oneself modern and well adorned we should not totally ignore our own social belief and should not blindly replicate others culture. As we talking about having premarital sex as an influence of western culture, It is worth mentioning the matter that I always struck by. Why not we youngster are influenced by act of Obama, Hilary Clinton, Sabir Bhatia rather influenced by hanky-panky activities and vanity affair of silver screen performer.

Of course lots of lesson viz. dedication to work, breathtaking acting, we can learn from them too. Even we have paragons with such influential persona with in our country, let’s be little more literate from their deeds. Let’s know it’s a hard work not a magic stick, their accountability to their service not a delinquent attitude, and incentives to the exploration is the key to their success.
We swagger tagging ourselves as a new Nepalese generation of 21st century, but we are lagging real generation of 21st century by hundreds of year. If we want to prove ourselves a true chap of this technocratic era it is high time to take incentives of bridging this gap by redefining our modus operandi, vision of life. Just have better extract from the western culture, and fortify our own culture to make prosperous Nepal rather being num-skull follower of fallacies.

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