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Electronics is that branch of engineering science that deals with the mechanics of electron. electron is one of the smallest part of atom that revolve around the atom in orbit and determine the properties of atoms. mechanics is the mechanism of electron with in the atom.

nowadays this electronics has become inseparable part of life. i donot want to explain much more but what can i want to say that from arise to sleep, it has involve in our activities in one of the form. we can start from kitchen, the equipment we have use in our kitchen like microwave oven is one of the form of electronics equipment where wave are produced in accordance eith voltage applied and heat generated for cooking. everydays usable substances like computer, phone,digital watch,mobile etc are boon of electronics.

it is said that the nowadays world is electronics world where without electronics we cannot move one even one step. the most unforgettable work the elctronics has possible is automation for the people so that he/she can make their life luxurious.

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